Surfer Shops Story

Growing up, after getting the surfing curiosity bug watching 90210, it was always a goal of mine to move to California and open up a surf shop. Well, I’ve been in California awhile now and have decided it’s time I accomplish that goal!  Through my career I’ve gotten a lot of experience in the marketing world and now especially the digital online space and I’ve always loved helping the smaller accounts I’ve worked on grow and prosper as well as my favorite bands/musicians I support, so I thought building a market place where we could all come together and support each other would be the best way for me to use my skills in this space and help all the surfpreneurs out there, as well as share my surfing passion with some cool and fun products I’ve been envisioning for a while.

I launched a mobile app, da Surf Engine, a year ago, which I was inspired to create by all the hours I spent Googling endlessly to find surf spots in the area that were best for my surfing skills/style – hopefully it saves people some time from all the time I spent on my computer gathering all of that data!  When I started promoting my app, I realized how many other indie surfing brands were out there and it gave me the idea I could use my marketing experience to help them and promote other great surf related companies I love!

Doing more research I discovered there are so many surfing/beach related companies in the San Diego County area, it got me thinking it would also be great to have a curated marketplace somewhere that features all the great brands started or headquartered here in the San Diego area.  I always thought most of the big surf brands are in Huntington Beach/Costa Mesa area or Australia but there are so many right here in SD’s own backyard!  I could go on and on but here are a few of them:

So if you’re on this list or are an indie surf brand/surfpreneur in the SoCal area or beyond, we’d love to have you join our community!