As a surfer, the beach is a home of mine. I don’t simply go surfing and then come right back home, I enjoy the whole experience, soaking up the sun, checking out the waves, going for a surf, and then relaxing again on the beach after a fun sesh.

However, in these times, there are shelter in place guidelines prevalent and many of our beaches are either closed or partially opened and no beach lounging allowed. I started thinking, what if you could shelter in place on the beach, that way, you are following the guidelines of sheltering in place, you’re just doing it in another location. I don’t think the lifeguards or police would buy that argument though – ha!

Once your beach is opened and lounging is allowed again, below are some essentials I highly recommend to not only stay safe at the beach, but make it a great overall beach day. Not only do I recommend these, 95% of these products I have and use regularly. Perhaps I’ll add my more of my own personal photos later, but the images in this post are much nicer!

Beach Shelter


I’m a sun lover and enjoy soaking up the rays, so I usually don’t need any shade when I go out for a surf/beach sesh. However, if I’m making an entire day of it, in the summer especially, it’s great to escape to the shade and get some reprieve from the sun’s intense rays for a bit.

This unique beach umbrella is positioned so it’s really difficult to be blown away, there’d have to be a hurricane going on or something in order to do that. Believe me, I’ve been hit by flying beach umbrellas before and it’s not fun, so you’re not only protecting yourself from the UV rays, but your protecting others from being attacked by flying umbrellas while also enabling you to maintain your social distance at the beach and have a bit of privacy at the same time.

I admit I do work for the company that makes this product, but it’s got some definite advantages for surfers too. It has a special compartment area where you can stash and hide your stuff while you go out for a surf sesh and it’s super easy to set up/take down and carry with you in the included bag.

Beach Towels

You have to become one with sand when you’re a surfer/beach lover, and I would much rather sit on sand than grass, but I prefer bringing a towel with me to the beach so I can minimize the sand saturating itself in all of my stuff.

This beach towel is perfectly lightweight and compact to fold up and stash in a bag or big beach purse. It also dries quickly and won’t weigh down your bag if the tide happens to sneak up on you and get it all soaked. That has happened to me quite a few times and then I’m stuck with a heavy soaking wet towel that takes hours to dry off.

Beach towel throw sea shore

I wouldn’t exactly call it a towel though, more of a beach throw, as you wouldn’t really dry off with it. However, who do you see really drying themselves off with a towel on the beach anyways? It’s best to let the sun and air do that job while you’re lounging on this lightweight, quick drying towel/beach throw.

Beach Lounging Mat

There are lots of chairs you can bring with you to the beach. However, many are more upright, don’t let you kick your feet out, rotate on your stomach, and are a bit bulky to carry.

This unique beach mat lets you sink right into the sand, but has a back support so you can relax watch the surf, and then adjust your towel on top further down if you want to switch it up and lay on your stomach.

It also has a compartment area on the back where you can stash some stuff and folds up with a convenient carrying strap that is easy to carry.

Beach Bag

This wet/dry water resistant beach bag is unique in that it has a special compartment where you can either put sandy shoes, wet beach gear, etc. so that they don’t get your other gear wet or sandy (well you have to be one with sand at the beach, but you know, as sand free as possible).

Sun Protection/Infusion

When you’re not lounging under the Sportbrella, ya still gotta protect your skin from the sun’s rays and your eyes from the sun’s glare. Here are a few of my fave items that embrace the sun but yet protect you from it:

Sun Bum

I’m just partial to this brand as one if it’s main offices is in San Diego county and it’s just a fun brand that embraces a surfer & sun loving bum’s lifestyle and their sunscreen is reef-friendly too! They also make a lot of other products that I’ve used including their hair lightener and scented lip balm and lip color.


Trucker hats are great for the beach as their mesh back lets the breeze go through and bucket hats are also great for shade in and out of the ocean. Here are just a few designs I’ve come up with for my Seashine Surf Co. line.


Here in sunny San Diego, we have two cool companies that make great fashionable shades at affordable prices. That’s a great thing for me because as much as I love the sun, my eyes are very sensitive to it and I go through a lot of them, especially when coordinating with my surfleisure apparel!

Knockaround sunglasses are perfect for the surfer who’s a little rough on their shades and also offers a cool customizer to design your own custom sunglasses according to your style and to match your other fashionable beach wear. I’ve created my own custom shades below to go along with my Golden Sea Sunset line of clothing for my Seashine Surf co. line and their Mai Tai Watermelon’s go perfectly with Sea Shine Surf co.’s Ocean Surface Purple/Blue line – you can see by my styling combos below!

Blenders is another local sunglasses company here in San Diego, that has made it big in the affordable yet fashionable sunglasses space. They aren’t really indie anymore as they did get acquired by some big Italian designer company, but hey, they’re still local to San Diego and you can’t deny their style and pizazz when you scroll through their social media feeds. When it comes to style and sun protection, they’ve got you covered!


The sand can get hot and if you wanna play in it, ya gotta protect your feet!

Flip Flops – Make Your Mark in the Sand

Flip flops, or slippers as they call them in Hawaii, are the gold standard for beach footwear. However these flip flops are super unique as they let you leave your mark in the sand – customized to whatever message can fit on your flip flop sole!

Customizeable Premium Flip Flops - Surfing Is Essential

Water Shoes/Socks

Flip flops aren’t the best choice though if you’re playing games on the beach like volleyball, etc. In those cases, some water shoes/socks come in handy. They allow you to move quicker and more agile and not only protect you from the hot sand, they come in handy if you’re walking along a rocky sea shore.



You can’t get enough water on a hot day at the beach, and this 32oz container from da Surf Engine can carry enough to last one beach goer through the whole beach day – and you can get max hydration per sip due to its wide mouth design!

32 oz wide mouth water bottle for a day at the beach da surf engine fuel your stoke
Max hydration per sip to truly fuel your stoke!

New Wave Soda

If you want to add a little flavor to your daytime beverages (no adult ones though – as that’s not allowed at most beaches 😉) – New Wave Soda is a great company located in San Diego County that makes naturally flavored soda beverages.

We wrote a whole blog about other beverages as well, check it out here.


If you are planning a beach day in the hot summer and don’t want your beverages to turn into hot java like sensations, a cooler is a must. Here are some unique coolers that are soft and combined with other items such as Bluetooth speakers, integrated into larger bags, with straps to carry like a backpack, to maximize space and convenience for bringing it with you to the beach.


My favorite go-to light snacks for a beach day are nuts, macadamia nuts are my fave. They’re perfect protein treat that can substitute as a lightweight lunch, they won’t melt in the sun and they ease the stomach growling before a surf sesh but don’t weigh you down during your session.

Burritos – The Burritote

I highly recommend eating a burrito after a surf sesh, not before, don’t ask – ha. There’s nothing better than a great burrito after a good workout of a surf sesh.

Problem is, how do you have that hot and ready burrito waiting for you after a surf sesh? Burrito food trucks, food delivery services or ice cream type carts would be a great idea, but another option is this Burritote.

It’s perfectly sized for a burrito and will keep your burrito warm, while you pre-work it off during your surf sesh.


What better way to end a beach day than some Smores by the Ocean? Unfortunately, firepits are only available at certain areas on certain beaches.

However, luckily, I discovered these Radiate portable bonfires, while watching an episode of Shark Tank, and that solved that problem! I was so stoked when I could have a beach bonfire on an instantaneous whim and can bring it with me to any beach I go to, and have a mini bonfire/firepit and make smores on the go!

Beach Wagon

If you’re bringing a crew of people with you and had to park a bit away from the beach (ya know, since many beaches now nearby parking is closed and some cities say no drop offs allowed), a beach wagon is perfect to load up all your supplies in one easy place to transport them to and on the beach, to your perfect surf spot.


Most of the time, I prefer to listen to the sound of the waves as my music background on the beach. But for longer beach days, it’s fun to get pumped up before a surf sesh with some fun tunes and wind down after with some chill reggae vibes.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom is the perfect compact bluetooth speaker that I bring with me to the beach on those days and that generates quality sound and is also water proof.

Beach Games

As a surf and sun lover, I’m genuinely content with just the ocean and sun. However, other beach goers easily get bored so below are some unique beach games that are fun for everyone.

I remember playing with these as a kid. Super fun and doesn’t require a whole lot of coordination, believe me, I’m not coordinated!

Sports Scoop Ball – I remember playing with these as a kid, so retro!
Smashball – another childhood classic
Spikeball – A modern classic

So that about wraps it up. All of these products aren’t really essential, but they can definitely enhance your day at the beach and provide protection. Enjoy the beach and surf – don’t take it for granted!