For Sellers – Terms & Conditions

  • Any item listed for sale should be shipped no longer than 7 days after purchase unless otherwise stated in the product’s description.
  • Seller is responsible for handling any returns/exchanges and must clearly describe their return/exchange policy on either the product description, shipping info, or sellers info sections on all product pages
  • Products should be described accurately and any difference between product photos and real product should be listed where possible (i.e. colors on clothing often look different if on mock ups on a computer screen vs. in real life)
  • Make sure buyers provide all needed info to sell and ship the item
  • Sellers are 100% responsible for shipping products purchased to buyers
  • Any seller that receives payment for an item but doesn’t ship it without appropriate explanation will be banned from Surfer Shops.
  • Sellers must be legally entitled to sell the item listed for sale on with 100% ownership of all intellectual property. Surfer Shops has the right to remove any item/s that is deemed to be unsuitable for sale & will be removed without warning.
  • Sellers may link out to affiliated products from within their store but must maintain a ratio of 80% direct products to 20% affiliate products as we primarily want shoppers to have a seamless shopping experience and be able to purchase most all products on this site, within this site.
  • Any user who repeatedly lists items that are not suitable for sale on Surfer Shops will be banned.