Before addressing the best & most efficient ways to remove wax off your surfboard, why even bother at all with it? Can’t you just keep re-adding wax when the wax wears off? Technically, that’s true and what I typically do when I’m too lazy to remove my wax.

However, there are many reasons why you should completely strip off all of the wax on your surfboard from time to time. How often you need to do it depends on how frequently you surf, but surfers should definitely strip all their wax off their surfboards at least a couple times of year.

Below are the main reasons why you should start with a clean slate and remove all your wax from your surfboard:

  • Make your surfboard seem almost brand new again!
    • A surfboard is the one item in surfing (except for traveling) that we spend the most money on. Take pride in it and give it a fresh coat of wax from time to time, it can even be part of your decor where you live.
  • Sell your used surfboard for more money
    • In addition to the above, I can’t tell you how many completely dirty and gross looking surfboards I’ve seen on Craigslist where there is all this old built up wax and en-grained sand on the board that makes the board look dirty. You could increase your boards perceived value so much if you simply tried to at least make it look somewhat new and strip all the wax off of it.
Removing wax from surfboards definitely enhances their "curb" appeal
Which surfboard looks more valuable to you at first lance? Which do you think might have been better taken care of? Removing wax from your surfboards definitely enhances their “curb” appeal
  • Keep your clothes clean when traveling
    • Many surfers use their surfboard bag as a suitcase as well and throw all their clothes in it – therefore, it’s probably best to have a nice clean surfboard that won’t get your clothes all sticky and waxy.
  • Identify dings that need fixed before it’s too late
    • Sometimes wax can pile up in certain areas and hide dings that could turn into bigger problems later as water seeps in.
  • Have the correct type of wax for the ocean’s water temperature
    • Cold water wax will melt in the summer and warm water wax won’t be nearly grippy enough in cold ocean temperatures. Therefore it’s best to start fresh with the new seasons and water temps. Also, just putting cold or warm wax on top of another isn’t ideal either as those conditions will loosen your grip on the board.

Now that you know why you should remove your wax, below are the best and easiest ways (not to mention fun) to remove wax from your surfboard:

The Wax Scrappler

This is brand new product I recently discovered which is really unique and purposeful. It not only allows you to remove the wax, it also transforms that old wax into a re-usable format to essentially re-use and recycle your wax and better re-distribute it on your board later. Plus, there’s something fascinating to me about scraping the wax and smushing it into this device to see it reform as something new!

Peel it Out Surf Wax

This item goes perfect with the wax scrappler! It is surf wax storage container that you can put the cubes of surfboard wax you’ve scraped off with your wax scrappler into it, where it can melt and be re-shaped into a brand new bar of wax! You can also easily place the container into your car’s cup holder (on a warm day) where the cubes will melt like magic and reform into a whole new wax bar! You can also make your own homemade surf wax by pouring your mixture into this container!

Wax Knuckles

This tool let’s you use the full power of your grip to clear the wax off fast. Just check out this video where the majority of a surfboard’s wax is removed in just over 30 seconds!

Wax Buddy

This product is made from recycled plastic, has a curve that’s perfect for getting the wax off the rails of your surfboard, and as an added bonus incorporates a bottle opener in the unit. After a hard job de-waxing, pop a top and refresh with a bottled beverage!!

Pickle Wax Remover

This soft like pillow type item is perfect for removing the remaining tiny particles of wax that that scrapers can’t get to. You just use a circular motion with this and the final wax particles disappear and your board starts shining like it’s brand new!

Use the power of the sun’s heat!

This is the simplest and easiest method for when you’re using the standard surf scraper edges of wax combs that typically come with surf wax products. There’s barely any work to do here but you just wait 5-10 minutes until the sun does it’s job for you to finish it off. I didn’t realize this trick when I first started surfing and spent the longest time inside my apartment using a hair dryer to get the wax soft enough to scrape up, that was quite a bit of work and I do not recommend that approach!