About Surfer Shops

Our Mission 

  • 1) Support indie entrepreneurs that make or sell unique, fun, or helpful products for surf & beach life
  • 2) Build a community and niche marketplace that connects brands/shop owners and shoppers via groups and forums to discuss anything about the surf/beach life and provide answers to any of your questions or solutions to your needs

Our main goal is to help grow your business, not become the next Amazon!  Topline – your website is like a store, Amazon is like a mall, Ebay is like a swap meet, Etsy is more of a festival bazaar, and we want to be more like a farmers market – for surfers and beach lovers!

We don’t want to become a cluttered marketplace as we truly want to be a community full of unique and interesting ideas and inspirations and allow you to stand out better while also bringing more shoppers in with the variety of products available.

Having your own website is ideal, it’s like you’re own little surf shop.  You can have much more control, develop your brand, and own all the profits, but it can be expensive to maintain and it’s like a more remote island and not a community.  Platforms like Shopify make it super easy and quick to set up a great looking website and have plenty of tools to help close the deal with website enhancements, but the costs can add up as that ecosystem is built on the basis of monthly subscription fees for the websites and all the other app add-ons.  Building your site on open sourced platforms like WordPress with WooCommerce (like we have) is much more affordable, but takes quite a bit more work and patience to set it up.

That’s why we felt we could combine the best of both worlds and create our own niche market place, kind of like a farmers market. Your stores can be fully branded and you can engage directly with your customers. We only get paid when you make a sale and there are no monthly or product listing fees.

In addition, Surfer Shops can also work in tandem with your website.  Surf shop owners have the ability to blog (coming soon) and link back to their individual sites (providing you with more backlinks for your SEO purposes), just think of us as another sales channel and place to broaden your reach!